Escapade Sévillane

Sony A7ii w/ Tamron 28-75mm

Here are some photos I took during a trip to Spain last Winter. I stayed in Seville for a few days and obviously took the opportunity to shoot a few photos. The shot above was taken in the evening at a relatively slow shutter speed (3/5s). Thanks to the Sony’s in body stabilization, I was able to get a photo half sharp… I like the combination of shallow depth of field and long exposure. The photo looks quite surreal when there’s actually very little post processing involved.

I grew up in the South of France, so relatively close to Spain, and yet really discovered the Iberian peninsula only in my thirties when I had the chance to visit Madrid. The Spanish capital blew me away. It became instantly, one of my favorite places in Europe. I might post photos of that trip one day.

Seville is another destination I really loved. The light there is amazing and I regret not doing a better job capturing it.

Sony A7ii w/ Tamron 28-75mm


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