A Blog in 2019?

Why would someone want to start a blog in 2019? It’s a fair question.

With the convenience and ubiquity of the social networks, one must wonder why waste time and energy in feeding a platform that potentially no one will visit.

2019 Shanghai — Sony A7ii

I have tried my hand at social media for a few years with Flickr first and then Instagram, and while I believe they both are fantastic in their own ways; I can’t help but feeling frustrated using them. I’m frustrated by the size of the photos, and I’m frustrated by the type of interactions I have with other users…

The thing is, I don’t practice photography to be frustrated. This is not my job, nor my career. I’m just here to enjoy myself. So, I decided to try something new—a photoblog—a place where I can talk about photography related things that I’m passionate about: artists, books, content creators, gear, and of course my own photography.

Hopefully I’ll enjoy this experiment, and so will you. Welcome to my little personal space, on the interwebs.

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