Weekend Expedition #1

Sony A7 II (f4, 1/200s)

I passed many times by this abandoned commercial area, and always wished I stopped to snap a few photos. I’m usually not very interested by dilapidated buildings but somehow I’ve always been drawn to this place. Over the weekend, I finally took the time to shoot a few pictures.

Sony A7 II (f2.8, 1/250s)

I decided to go shoot early in the morning to use the typical dull overcast we get in the Bay Area during summer days. The intention was to use the white sky to reinforce the mood that emanates from these abandoned buildings as they fade into ruins. I thought the light would work well with the washed out colors of the chipping paints.

Sony A7 II (f4, 1/350s)

I don’t know if I achieved my goal, but I think some of these photos came out alright and capture the mood of the place. I believe the city has plans to construct a new residential area around here, and these buildings probably won’t be around for too long. I’m happy I got to take these photos before brand new condos take over.

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