Weekend Expedition #2

Fuji X-Pro2 (f4, 1/800s)

Yesterday, I went for a short street photography session in San Francisco. It was the opportunity for me to test the X-Pro2 I just received and figure if I like its handling or not.

Fuji X-Pro2 (f2.8, 1/250s)

As I’ve stated in a previous post, I also purchased a used X100S recently, and so now comes the conundrum of which camera should stay, and which should end up on ebay. It feels a bit like I’m playing The Bachelor with my gear.

Competing against each other are the Sony A7II, the X-Pro2, and the X100S. To be fair, chances that I only keep the X100S are very slim. So far, the battle boils down to 2 simple criteria, Sony’s full frame dynamic range vs. Fuji’s ergonomics…

Fuji X-Pro2 (f5.6, 1/500s)

Anyways, beyond the camera nerd considerations, shooting with a new camera is always difficult for me. I’m so out of sync with the tool, that I keep making silly mistakes, missing exposures, using slow shutter speed, etc. Out of the 50 or 60 shots I took, only 6 made the cut—included in this post— and there are only a couple I’m really happy with. I’m sure you can figure out which ones 🙂

Fuji X-Pro2 (f4, 1/250s)

Shooting with the X-Pro2 was a pleasant experience, but I think I will need a few more sessions before I get more comfortable with the button layout and the menus.

As a side note, all of today’s photos were shot on an XF35mm 1.4.


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