Weekend Expedition #7

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

Here are some photos from last weekend, covering a bit of ground around the Bay Area. I’m sticking to the 23mm for now, and I think I’m getting more comfortable with it.

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

On a side note, I also shot my son’s kung fu’s belt test with the 55-200mm mounted on my X-Pro2 and wasn’t very happy with the experience. The camera felt heavy, imbalanced, and I had to rest my wrist after 30 minutes hand holding it.

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

This isn’t particularly concerning for me, since I seldom use the 55-200mm, but it really reinforces the idea that the X-Pro2 is at home with prime lenses.

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

Back to the photos in this thread, I was walking down the streets of Oakland Chinatown, and noticed a glare on my right. I took a few step back and saw the sun rays peeking through the top floor window. I was quite surprise that this light beam would show up that way.

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

Usually, all the shots I shoot from the hip are blurry and poorly framed, but I kind of like this one. It’s not completely in focus, but still usable 🙂

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

This was the day before, in San Francisco. This lady was walking behind me and as I noticed the shadow the tree cast on the wall, I decided to let her pass in front of me, so I could include her in the frame. I don’t know if she’s looking at the wall to hide her face, or if she’s just wondering why I would take such picture… I guess I’ll never know.

X-Pro2 w/ 23mm f2

I can’t really explain why I like this shot. It’s very simple, and not particularly interesting, yet there’s something that made me keep the photo. This might be another example of how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Expedition #7”

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure of what would come out of that shot. I just liked the light and the shapes. When I got home and developed the photo, I definitely started to think it was better than I expected.

      Edit: Thanks you’re here to do my photography culture. I studied art history in college but somehow have huge holes in the photography department…


  1. You’ve got a good eye for street photography! Also, you’re very right about the 55-200mm. I owned it for less than a week before returning it. It was functional but pretty much ruined the “light and small” part of mirrorless.

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