Weekend Expedition #3

Here is a selection of shots from my second session with the X-Pro2. I hit the streets of Downtown SF early on Sunday morning and started snapping to my heart content. The light was mostly dull since we're still enjoying the usual summer overcast, but as the sun peaked through the clouds, I got the chance to snap a few shots I like.

Weekend Expedition #1

I passed many times by this abandoned commercial area, and always wished I stopped to snap a few photos. I'm usually not very interested by dilapidated buildings but somehow I've always been drawn to this place. Over the weekend, I finally took the time to shoot a few pictures.

Fuji X100S in 2019 (part 1)

I've always been very intrigued by the X100 series. First of all because the cameras look beautiful and I'm shallow like that. Admittedly, they also carry the haptic design philosophy that is behind the entire line of Fujifilm X cameras and which I'm quite fond of. Also, the X100s offer an image quality that is… Continue reading Fuji X100S in 2019 (part 1)

A Blog in 2019?

Why would someone want to start a blog in 2019? It's a fair question. With the convenience and ubiquity of the social networks, one must wonder why waste time and energy in feeding a platform that potentially no one will visit. 2019 Shanghai — Sony A7ii I have tried my hand at social media for… Continue reading A Blog in 2019?